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"Let me express my appreciation for Diversity Builder's Diversity in Motion training and performance at our Conference in Atlanta. Your diverse talents provided an entertaining Message with a wallop. Your improvisational skits relating to ideas from the audience showed true genius.
Our conferencees clearly resonated with your message of unity and caring among all people."

Betty Bland, President
The Theosophical
Society in America

"Diversity in Motion exquisitely and
harmoniously emoted social action."

New Mexico Attendee of Diversity in Motion

Diversity Training in the Workplace:
Embracing Diversity using a Customized Approach

Online and Onsite Diversity and Sensitivity Training in the Workplace Programs

Diversity Builder, Inc. delivers exceptional and interactive diversity training classes for your workforce, reaching far beyond race, culture, gender, sensitivity and tolerance.

Our Diversity Training and Consulting Team offers the following:
  • Leading edge customized workplace diversity education programs
  • Tools to attract and retain a diverse workforce
  • Online web-based self-paced classes with security features and employee reporting
  • Diversity programs for leadership and management level staff
  • Remote and online diversity coaching for individuals
  • Onsite Training in Spanish and Online Courses in English, Spanish, or French
  • Targeted diversity education programs, business case, and awareness curriculum for senior management

  • Inquire about diversity /sensitivity in the workplace training

* Note: All courses below may be customized. Please complete the form at the bottom of the page to request information. Inquiries are usually answered within one day or sooner.
Diversity Training

Comprehensive Diversity in the Workplace Training Online & Onsite Programs

    Our programs are customized to meet specific needs of senior leadership, management, and staff. Our diversity training courses equip participants with the skills to create a safe and cooperative working environment.

  • Our diversity training (often referred to as sensitivity) covers an introduction to diverse group characteristics and definitions, such as cultural, disability, gender, age, and sexual orientation. Participants are introduced to the business case for leveraging diversity and how to identify their individual conflict resolution style, and how their style might differ from that of others.
  • Our general diversity curriculum class is available onsite or online.

    Online (Web-Based) Programs

    Ask us about our online training options. We offer custom solutions to meet your needs in the areas of Diversity in the Workplace, Discrimination & Sexual Harassment, Sexual Harassment Prevention (California), including AB 1825, Business Ethics, 360 Degree Feedback, Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunity, Gender Expression, and Developing Diverse Teams. Online education programs are available in English, Spanish, & French.

    Inquire about onsite or online classes
    Request our full list of online courses

    Sensitivity Training for Individual Employees

    Looking for an affordable way to train or coach an individual or a few key staff on diversity-related topics?
    Diversity Builder offers remote/virtual training and coaching by one of our trainers. Employers have found the remote coaching option to be both cost-effective and time efficient. Diversity Builder clients have used offsite and remote coaching for the following situations:

  • A company hires a new supervisor who has not yet completed the corporate diversity training program onsite. Rather than incurring travel expenses and lost work time, the company opts to send the supervisor to a remote/online class with a dedicated trainer.

  • An individual or employee violates a company discrimination policy or code of conduct related to diversity or sensitivity. Examples include sending inappropriate emails, discriminating against a protected class, harassing another staff member, telling inappropriate jokes, displaying favoritism as a manager, verbalizing a racial slur, or using inappropriate language at work. Sometimes the training is part of a "disciplinary action" related to a performance management program. Sometimes the coaching is court-ordered as a result of sentencing by a judge or jury. The company sends this employee to a diversity coaching session specific to the incident(s). Sometimes sensitivity training is required/mandated by the state or federal government when an incident occurs. Upon successful completion of individual training, Diversity Builder issues a certificate of completion that satisfies the requirement of diversity or sensitivity training for an individual staff member.

  • A company wants to offer additional courses to its employees as a benefit. Employees select the coaching/training they wish to attend. Choices include sexual harassment prevention, conflict resolution,effective communication for supervisors, hiring practices that promote diversity, or new supervisor training.

    *Online remote training is a great solution for employee coaching or performance management.

    *Looking for group sensitivity course solutions for staff who are in different locations? Ask about our group training webinars.

    Inquire about online diversity coaching or remote distance training classes for individuals or small groups

    Cultural Competency Training & Assessments

    Whether your staff and management team is based in the United States or abroad, culture surrounds us, Cultural competence is essential for business success, retention, and job satisfaction. Our experienced trainers facilitate open discussion and guide your staff and managers through the critical elements of cultural sensitivity, understanding and interpretation.By being culturally competent, your staff is better positioned to understand diverse values, behaviors, and beliefs of co-workers, vendors, and customers. Pre-assessments and post-assessments are recommended to gauge the impact of the sessions and recommend future cultural competency action plans and programs.
Other Diversity Related Courses
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention, including AB 1825
  • EEOC Courses including Corporate sessions and Federal Counselor Training
  • American Disabilities Act - ADA
  • Multiculturalism in the Workplace
  • Conflict Resolution at Work
  • Bullying in our Schools or in the Workplace
  • Diversity Training for Supervisors
  • Keeping the Peace: Policing Diverse Communities (Law Enforcement)
  • Sexual Orientation in the Workplace -LGBT
  • Gender Identity

    Diversity In The Workplace

    Why Offer Workplace Diversity or Sensitivity Training for the Workforce? Additional Benefits of Diversity Training

    The Business Case for Diversity Training in the Workplace

  • Diversity in the workplace education is quickly becoming recognized as a low cost, high return value for corporations and small businesses. More than just "inclusion," a commitment to work place diversity training helps businesses create a satisfactory, safe and meaningful environment in which people thrive.

  • Diversity workplace programs inclusive of human characteristics such as race, spirituality, gender, sexual orientation or status as a disabled person, allow companies to demonstrate to their employees that they are seen, recognized and valued.

  • Essentially, successful companies harness workplace diversity and allow their business to attract and retain quality staff. This translates into willingness by employees to expend greater effort and apply greater creativity in their jobs.

    Benefits (Importance) of Diversity and Sensitivity Training in the Workplace

    Companies that incorporate a consistent diversity training program and advocate diversity in the workplace experience valuable benefits such as:

  • Higher employee retention rates
  • Improved employee (individual and team) performance and morale
  • Reduced harassment incidences, charges, and discrimination lawsuits
  • Improved workforce staffing (diversity recruitment)

    Looking for an 8(a) & HubZone SBA Certified/SDVOB Certified Training Group?

    Send us the details

    or call 615-424-2323

    Client List: Companies and organizations trained:

    Washington Humane Society
    National Envelope
    Bombardier Inc.
    Davidson County School Counselors (Nashville, TN)
    Bradford Health Services
    Harpeth Valley Utilities
    Halsted Communications
    Corporate Environments
    Environmental Express, Inc.
    New York Community Bank
    Egg Harbor Township School District
    Conti Corporation
    Genesee & Wyoming Inc
    ACE Services
    Millersville University
    Paterson School District
    Maryland Lottery
    Several Police Departmtents

    Federal Government Agencies Trained:
    Environmental Protection Agency
    United States Navy
    U.S. Postal Inspection Service
    Department of Energy
    United States Army
    National Nuclear Security Administration

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