Workplace Diversity Training & Consulting Solutions

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and sensitivity training classes are offered onsite & online.

Respect & Communication

Customized workplace training classes address industry specific business and organizational needs.

Harassment & Discrimination

Sexual harassment and discrimination prevention protect employees and companies.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing includes optimization, social media management, & more.

Workplace Diversity Classes

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Diversity Builder facilitates customized workplace diversity training and sensitivity programs as follows:

  • Trainer-led
  • Online
  • Employee Coaching
  • Webinars

Sensitivity and awareness are first steps in the process. The next steps involve implementation and integration of action plans, inclusion strategies, and accountability within the workplace.

Diversity Training with Enduring Results

Action + Accountability= Sustainable Cultural Change

Diversity & Inclusion Training Requests: Time Sensitivity

Human Resource managers are often tasked with finding a diversity training firm who offers an online training class that focuses on respect in the workplace including sexual harassment prevention and racial or cultural sensitivity. These requests often result from a violation of company policy and have time sensitivity constraints. Diversity Builder recognizes that frequently such training requests are part of a performance management plan and are time sensitive. Diversity Builder understands that the company may face serious risks resulting from the behavior of an employee to include potential lawsuits or EEOC claims. Diversity Builder responds with a sense of urgency to identify the best training solution and deliver that curriculum either online or virtually or in-person coaching.

Whether your organization is seeking coaching for an individual who has violated a company policy or an onsite trainer instructor-led class, Diversity Builder has personalized training solutions.

Onsite and Online Workplace Training Program Formats:

Search Engine Marketing Services

Diversity Builder has been performing SEO for clients since 2003. We take a customized approach as we realize each client’s needs and goals are different.

Why SEO Matters:

Optimization Benefits:

  • Website traffic
  • Expanded branding
  • Increased customer inquiries

Local Optimization:

Focusing on local results produces targeted local traffic and increased sales. Strategies:

  • Implement local search strategies
  • Build your Google My Business listing to attract local visitors
  • Build local diverse listings citations

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